What Are the Most Common Commercial Plumbing Problems?

Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

Don’t allow common commercial plumbing system issues to stymie your operations. Owning their own business is incredibly rewarding for many business people, particularly when their hard work pays off. However, success brings the problems of running day-to-day operations, which is usually a huge responsibility.

It would be best if you had everything running as smoothly as possible. But when unprecedented commercial plumbing problems come up, they can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

The real kicker is that if you understand what to look for and what to anticipate, you can help avoid common commercial plumbing issues.

Continue reading this article to learn more about common commercial plumbing problems and when to hire a plumber.

1. Drain Clogs

Commercial buildings are more prone to clogged drains due to the large volume of waste that passes through the drains each day.

Commercial properties like restaurants are particularly prone to chronic drains clogs in kitchen sinks and dishwasher lines. The massive amount of debris and waste being flushed down the drains causes slow drainage or stubborn clogs.

You can know if your drains are getting clogged if:

• Water drains slowly

• Water polls around a drain

• If you hear a gurgling sound in the drain

• A nasty smell coming from the drains

Ignoring drain clogs can lead to pipes damage and makes your business look unprofessional to your customers.

2. Leaking Faucets

Leaks are huge water waster though they are preventable. Leaks can happen on your plumbing system fixtures and pipes.

Most fixtures leaks happen when seals, washers, O-rings are damaged. When fixtures are damaged, faucets will then begin leaking.

You may think that faucets leaks aren’t a problem because it is a common occurrence. However, faucets’ leaks will cause wastage of a large amount of water in the long term. This will make you pay higher water bills.

Leaks will not only happen at the faucet; they may occur within your pipes or even behind drywall. Leaks can damage your floor, grow mold, and even cause structural issues to your property.

3. Running Toilets

This is a common problem in many households and many commercial properties. Though the problem may seem insignificant, it can cause a spike in your utility bill. Running toilet can be caused by:

• Dysfunctional seal or flush valve

• An old or corroded toilet handle

• Leaky fill valve

• Too long or too short flapper chain

Find out whether your toilet is continually running because of any of the mentioned issues. Avoid paying higher bills by hiring the best commercial plumber to get the problem fixed.

4. Sewage Odors

A sewer odor is unpleasant when inhaled. When it occurs to a commercial property, it can have a massive financial impact.

Sewer odors occur when a damp dry trap is ineffective. Dry traps are u-shape pipes or tubing that connect to the end of a drain.

The trap holds some liquid that prevents sewer gases from leaking to the interior of the building. When the trap is dry, there is no way of preventing odor from escaping.

A blocked vent can also cause a stinking odor to your commercial buildings. Vents equalize pressure caused by the wastewater going down the system by allowing gas to escape. When the odor isn’t released, it builds up in your facility.

A damaged drain line can also cause gas to leak into your commercial building interior space. The drain line gets old, breaks, or cracks under pressure which releases the odor.

5. Hot Water Issues

Hot water issues are not only prevalent in homes but also in commercial properties. Hot water is considered a vital service, and thus any plumbing issues must be dealt with promptly.

Commercial properties’ hot water systems are large and may require a plumber to be more thorough when tracing the problem. A hot water issue may arise due to thermostat failures or tank insulation mechanisms failures.

Lack of temperature regulation mechanism in a commercial property can be a big deal requiring a professional plumbing solution. Lack of hot water is devastating for homes and commercial enterprises like hairdressers and spas, among others.

6. Silent Leaks

Silent leaks are challenging to detect until you notice your water bill is spiking. Leaks may occur behind a wall and may take months before you notice. If the leak is not obvious it’s usually best to contact a reputable company that provides leak detection services to locate it. The following are warning signs that your property leaks:

• Damp spots on ceiling or drywall

• Newly developed cracks

• Inconsistent water pressure

• Bulging on your ceiling or drywall

7. Damaged Pipes

Residential properties have long piping systems running throughout buildings. With so much piping, the more they hold a large volume of water on any given day. This makes them prone to splitting, cracking, or bursting.

Damaged piping is not only expensive to repair but can also lead to contamination of water. The pressure of water will also reduce significantly. Pipes damage can occur due to the following reasons:

• Tree roots growing can burst the underground piping

• Piping getting too old and brittle

• Corrosive metal getting eaten away

• Earthquake disturbing the ground

Hire a Plumber for Commercial Plumbing Problems

These are just a few of the most common commercial plumbing problems that a business person may face. Other plumbing issues, both large and small, could arise mysteriously. We want to help you with whatever problem you’re having.

At Stallion Plumbing and Drains, we are the first preference for Salt Lake City, UT residents, and entrepreneurs seeking quality plumbing at a reasonable price. Our team has the skills, experience, and equipment to keep your home or business’s plumbing systems flowing smoothly. This can help you get back to your daily routine!

Contact us today to schedule your commercial building inspection.

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