Dishwasher Not Working? 8 Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair Services

Dishwasher Not Working-Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair Services

A dishwasher is truly one of the greatest conveniences of modern life. Dishwashers make cleanup a breeze and they cut out endless hours of cleanup.

For this reason, it’s very important to make sure that your dishwasher is properly maintained so that it doesn’t stop working suddenly when you need it most.

Therefore, it’s very important to be aware of the signs that may indicate that your dishwasher needs repair.

So, what signs should you look out for that indicate that your dishwasher needs repair?

Check out this dishwasher not working guide to learn the top signs that you need dishwasher repair services.

1. Leaks

Your dishwasher is designed to be watertight.

Therefore, if you notice leaking, this means something is wrong. Typically, leaking indicates that there’s an issue with the door gasket.

For those who don’t know, the door gasket is the rubber seal that’s around the edge of the dishwasher door.

If there’s a leak, it might mean that the gasket has a tear, is loose, or that it’s started to decompose.

Also, if water is pooling around the dishwasher, that’s likely a different issue. This usually means that your dishwasher isn’t draining properly and that you need to call repair services.

2. Water Won’t Pump In or Out of the Dishwasher

Dishwashers are actually a lot more intricate than many people realize.

Every dishwasher comes with a water pump and sensor that lets the computers inside of them know when it’s time to pump water in and out.

If the sensor is broken, has become stuck, or is dirty, then it needs to be repaired. If it fails to work completely, then it needs to be replaced. This type of repair definitely needs to be taken care of by a professional dishwasher repair service, as it requires completely disassembling the entire dishwasher.

It’s also a major issue if water won’t pump out of the dishwasher. Typically, this happens when there’s an issue with the sensor, there’s a clogged drain, or there’s a broken drain pipe.

If water won’t pump out, the first thing you should do is check to see if the drain is blocked by food particles. If this isn’t the case, then it’s time to call a repair service.

4. Your Dishes Are Spotty or Dirty

There are many possible reasons as to why your dishes are coming out spotty or dirty.

Luckily, most of these reasons can be easily prevented and are not a sign that you need to replace or even repair your dishwasher.

Here are the top reasons why your dishes aren’t coming out clean:

  • You used the wrong soap
  • There was food caked-on your dishes
  • Your home has hard water
  • You improperly loaded the dishwasher

If you suspect that one of these problems might be to blame, then you should try the following solutions:

  • Evaluate the dishwasher soap you’re using
  • Soaking your dishes before washing them to remove any built-up residue
  • Installing a water softener in your home
  • Adding a rinse aid to the wash cycle

If none of these solutions seem to do the trick, then you may have a larger problem on your hands. Another reason for dishes coming out dirty may have to do with the drain screen.

If the drain screen or drain starts to clog and particles get left at the bottom of the previous wash cycle, then this could result in dirty dishes. This is because, during the next wash cycle, the particles will blow out from the water and end up sticking to the dishes.

5. It’s Making Weird Noises

If your dishwasher is making weird noises, then it’s definitely time to call in a repair service.

Now, we’re not talking about typical noises that come with daily use, but rather, any unusual noises.

Generally, an unusual noise indicates that there is an issue with the motor. If this is the case, then you may want to consider buying a new dishwasher altogether, as repairing or replacing the motor can sometimes be very costly.

However, before doing this, you should have a plumber take a look at your dishwasher to see if the noise is due to dishes clanking into one another or because something is stuck in the mechanism.

6. Dishes Aren’t Hot

Whether you use the drying option or not is irrelevant- your dishes should always be hot to touch after you immediately after the cycle ends and you pull them from the dishwasher.

If you start to notice that your dishes feel cool, then this may be a sign that your dishes aren’t being properly cleaned or sanitized in the dishwasher.

In order to properly sanitize your dishes, the FDA recommends that you wash them at 171 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your dishes don’t come out hot at the end of each cycle, it usually means that there’s an issue with the heating coil. This is a piece that’s located at the bottom of the machine, and it’s best to have a plumber take a look at it to make sure it’s in working order.

7. Water Remains After Washing Dishes

After you finish washing your dishes, you should never see standing water inside the dishwasher.

This indicates that there’s a clog in the dishwasher drain.

Oftentimes, the drain gets clogged due to a small amount of food. Luckily, this is an easy fix.

However, if you find that this is not the problem, then there may be a larger issue with the drain that requires the attention of a professional plumber.

Dishwasher Not Working: Ready to Fix or Replace Your Dishwasher?

Now that you’ve read this dishwasher not working guide, you can better to decide if it’s time to call a dishwasher repair service, or if repairing will be too costly perhaps you are better off buying a new one instead and need proper dishwasher installation.

If it turns out it’s time to have your dishwasher replaced, then get in touch with us today. We can get your new dishwasher installed properly and have you back up to speed in no time.

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